Aluminum tube crimper, model ZTA-100

The collapsible tube closing machine is used for crimping of previously filled aluminum tubes and optionally stamping date and / or batch No. on them. The machine works in a semi-automatic mode.

Key features of the metal tube folding machine:

  • The device is made of high quality stainless steel AISI 304
  • Electronic control of sealing parameters and process with saving option
  • Double fold closing
  • Optional single sided coding with set of fonts included
  • Output up to 500 tubes / hour
  • Works with all aluminum tubes
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Fast changeover of production runs

Main elements of the tube crimper:

  • PLC Unitronics controller
  • Camozzi and Metal Work pneumatic elements
  • Laser pointers which help the operator to position tubes

Level of automation of the tube crimping machine:

The device is operated by one operator who inserts filled tubes into the tube holders, positions them with help of the laser pointers. The tubes are closed automatically. Optionally the date or batch number is being stamped. The operator takes out closed tubes with date label.

Possible application of the tube folding device:

The compact aluminum tube closer ZTA-100 is used for small to medium size batches / production lots / jobs. This table-top alu tube crimping machine is widely used for regular production, producing samples or for testing purposes in laboratories / labs.