Pneumatic tube cutter, model POD-400

The compact tube trimmer NEWECO POD-400 is used for pneumatic cutting (trimming) of the endings of polyethylene and laminated tubes after sealing.

Key features of the pneumatic tube cutter:

• Pneumatic tube cutter is made of high quality stainless steel AISI 304
• Adjustable to various tubes height
• Output up to 15 tubes / min
• Works with all plastic and laminated tubes
• Compact and lightweight

The tube cutter is equipped with:

• Cutting blades with protection against mechanical injuries
• Euro-slot punch (optionally)

Level of automation of the tube cutting machine:

The pneumatic tube cutter is operated by one operator who inserts the tubes, presses the pedal and removes tubes after cutting. The operation is triggered with a pneumatic foot pedal.

Possible application of the tube trimming machine:

The tube cutting machine POD-400 is used for small to medium size batches / production lots / jobs. This tube cutter is widely used for regular production, producing samples or for testing purposes in laboratories / labs.

NEWECO – manufacturer of tube trimmers

NEWECO is a manufacturer of tube cutters for thermoplastic (polyethylene (PE), laminated and other plastic) tubes. Contact us to receive a price quotation. We do not trade with used machines / equipment,  however we are convinced that you will find the pricing of our new machines very attractive. Our machines and devices are designed and manufactured entirely in Poland (in the European Union).