Aluminum tube filling and closing machine, model NTA-400A

The aluminum tube filling and closing machine NEWECO NTA-400 is used for filling of aluminum tubes with gels, creams or other fluids, crimping (closing) them and stamping date and / or batch No.

Key features of the aluminum tube filling and crimping machine:

  • Aluminum tube filling and crimping machine is made of high quality stainless steel AISI 304
  • All elements having contact with product are made of high quality stainless steel AISI 316
  • Electronic control of sealing parameters and process with saving option
  • Filling accuracy error: < ± 1 % of volume
  • Single sided coding with set of fonts included
  • Double fold closing
  • Output up to 25 tubes / minute
  • Works with all aluminum tubes

Main elements of the aluminum tube filling machine:

  • Mitsubishi Electric PLC controller with touch screen
  • Mitsubishi Electric servomechanism drive
  • SMC, Festo, Camozzi and MetalWork pneumatic elements
  • Sensor of level of liquid in reservoir allowing for automatic filling up
    Counter of production output

Level of automation of the collapsible tube filling and closing machine:

The aluminium tube filling device loads empty cosmetic tubes automatically. Subsequently, they are positioned, filled and sealed. The date or batch number is stamped on the seal. The tube filling and sealing machine removes end-products automatically.

Possible application of the aluminium tube filling and sealing machine:

Aluminum tube filling and crimping machine NEWECO NTA-400A is used for packing of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and food products into metal tubes. The ALU tube filling machine is designed to handle large and medium size batches / production lots / jobs.

NEWECO – manufacturer of aluminum tube filling and crimping machines

NEWECO is a manufacturer of tube filling machines for thermoplastic (polyethylene (PE), laminated and other plastic) and aluminum tubes. Contact us to receive a price quotation. We do not trade with used machines / equipment, however we are convinced that you will find the pricing of our new machines very attractive. Our machines and devices are designed and manufactured entirely in Poland (in the European Union).