Semi-automatic tube filling and sealing machine, model NTT-200

Semi-automatic tube filling and sealing machine NEWECO NTT-200 is used for filling of polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and laminated (incl. Polyfoil) tubes with gels, creams or other products, sealing them with hot air, stamping date and / or batch No. and cutting excess plastic on the tube ending, which arises during the tube sealing.

Key features of the semi-automatic tube filler:

• The semi-automatic tube filler is made of high quality stainless steel AISI 304
• All elements having contact with product are made of high quality stainless steel AISI 316
• Electronic control of sealing parameters and process
• Filling volume (volume of filling device cylinder): 0.4 – 250 ml
• Filling accuracy error: < ± 1 % of volume
• Hot air sealing technology
• Single or dual sided coding with set of fonts included
• Output of up to 12 tubes / min
• The compact tube filling and sealing machine works with all plastic and laminated tubes

The manual tube filling and sealing machine is equipped with:

• Mitsubishi Electric PLC controller with touch screen
• MetalWork and Camozzi pneumatic elements
• Sensor of level of product in hopper allowing for automatic filling
• Air heater with automatic setting of temperature
• Counter of production output
• Tester of tube sealing strength

Level of automation of the small tube filler:

The operator loads empty tubes and positions them manually with the help of laser indicator. He then slides all tubes manually and presses two start buttons to initiate operation. The small tube filler automatically fills, seals, codes, and trims the tubes. The machine ejects closed tubes automatically.

Possible application of the tube filling and sealing machine:

The tube filling and sealing machine NTT-200 can be used for packing of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, dental care products, animal care products, chemicals and food products into tubes. The filling system in this tube filling machine is characterized by high precision of filling at low doses (high accuracy of dosing volume). It can be used for microdose filling of tubes (micro-dosing) with minimum dose volumes starting at 0.4 ml. The budget tube filling and sealing machine can be an entry level machine and is designed to handle small and medium size batches (short production lots / jobs). It can be used for regular production or for labs.

NEWECO tube filling machines in the pharmaceutical industry

Our tube filling machines are used by some of the leading pharma companies for the packaging of pharmaceuticals into tubes. We support our clients in equipment verification and validation process. We can provide equipment documentation packages to comply with pharmaceutical requirements, which include among others FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests) protocols, SAT (Site Acceptance Tests) protocols, Installation Qualification (IQ) protocols and Operational Qualifications (OQ) protocols.

The tube filling machine NEWECO NTT-200 is cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant – it is made with the use of GMP compliant materials incl. FDA compliant seals (available material certificates for contact parts) and has smooth surfaces. The filling system is capable of high precision filling and is easy to clean. It can be easily disassembled – each part can be removed for sterilization / autoclaving.

NEWECO – manufacturer of manual tube filling and sealing machines

NEWECO is a manufacturer of manual tube filling and sealing machines for thermoplastic (polyethylene (PE), laminated and other plastic) tubes. Contact us to receive a price quotation. We do not trade with used machines / equipment, however we are convinced that you will find the prices / pricing of our new machines very attractive. Our machines and devices are designed and manufactured entirely in Poland (in the European Union).