Automatic corner beads feeder, model PN-200

Automatic corner beads feeder, model PN-200 is used for automatic feeding of corner beads (made of PVC, aluminum or stainless steel) to machines adhering fiberglass mesh to corner beads. The device is compatible with the adhering machine OK-12A.

Key features of the automatic angle bead feeder:

  • Replaces one operator of adhering machine OK-12A
  • Speeds up work of adhering machine

Main elements of the automatic corner beads feeder:

  • Unitronics PLC controller
  • Set of grabbers for various types of corner beads

Level of automation of the automatic corner beads system:

All operations except for refilling with corner beads are done automatically. The automatic corner beads feeder can be operated by the operator of machine OK-12A.

NEWECO – manufacturer of automatic corner beads feeders

NEWECO is a manufacturer of corner beads feeders . All our machines are designed and manufactured in Poland in the European Union. Contact us to receive a price quotation. We do not trade with used machines / equipment, however we are convinced that you will find the prices / pricing of our new machines very attractive. Our machines and devices are designed and manufactured entirely in Poland (in the European Union).