Pneumatic tube cutter, model POD-400

The tube trimming machine is used for pneumatic cutting (trimming) of the endings of plastic and laminated tubes after sealing. The device works in a semi-automatic mode.

Key features of the semi-automatic tube cutter:

  • Device is made of high quality stainless steel AISI 304
  • Adjustable to various tubes height
  • Output up to 900 tubes / hour
  • Works with all plastic and laminated tubes
  • Compact and lightweight


Main elements of the tube trimmer:

  • Cutting blades with protection against mechanical injuries
  • Euro-slot punch (optionally)


Level of automation of the tube cutting machine:

It is operated by one operator who inserts the tubes, presses the pedal and removes tubes after cutting. The operation is triggered with a pneumatic food pedal.


Possible application of the tube trimming device:

The compact pneumatic tube cutting device POD-400 is used for small to medium size batches / production lots / jobs. This table-top tube cutting machine is widely used for regular production, producing samples or for testing purposes in laboratories / labs.